Meet Our Team

Please call 780-460-1916 or email to arrange an appointment and/or consultation with any one of our Staff.

Studio Manager

Brittany Klein 

Brittany has managed the Studio since acquisition and as well is a Stylist who provides a variety of styling services including Extensions.  

Our Stylists 

Lisa Comfort

Lisa has been with Ragged Edge since March of 2013 and is a very talented Stylist who can determine the needs of her clients while understanding their individual wants as well.  Lisa's skills, efficiency and product knowledge is drawn upon daily by her coworkers. Lisa is in demand and is constantly booked.

Melanie Galbreath

In March, 2015, Melanie brought her broad knowledge of color techniques with a solid understanding of what works well together and her styling skills to Ragged Edge and continues with a very solid client base.

Kayla Wells

Kayla joined Ragged Edge in November 2016 and went on to complete her education as a Stylist and has just recently been licensed.  Kayla is accepting new clients at this time.

Cheryl Kowalchuk

Since March, 2016 Cheryl has been focusing on Extensions with a talent that can take someone with very little hair to a full head of hair as well as simply adding volume.  Her skills are unsurpassed and everyone at the Studio benefits from her knowledge being imparted.  Contact the Studio to arrange a consultation.

Rebecca Carpendale

Rebecca joined the Studio in September, 2017 and brings a wealth of experience in our product line as well as being a well rounded stylist.  Rebecca is accepting new clients at this time.

Our Front End Support

Jennifer Harris
Madison Wheeler